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Site redesign

Welcome to 2017 and my new designed photosite. It is quite interesting how technology has changed over the years. In the early 1990s I made my first website with hard html coding, employing a black and white laptop and a 14kbit modem. Then came Adobe's Dreamweaver and broadband, and it became easier to publish images. From about 2000 I used custom made Wordpress installations. And last year I discovered Koken and liked it, especially its' specialization towards photographers. Over the x-mas holidays of 2016 I finally found the time to properly set it up and in early 2017 I started filling it up with content. I hope you like it.

The site is best viewed on a large monitor, and Retina/4k displays should work beautifully. Thanks to its adaptive design, you can also view this site on mobile devices - though the images are best enjoyed large and in calm surroundings.

Do comment and criticize and feel free to share my work (non-commercially).

Enjoy. Both life and my images from this mesmerizing planet.