Quick tips for better photography

I was asked for some quick advice on how to shoot better images. Here's my brief list:

Limit yourself to taking only one photo. That way you'll think hard before pressing the button.

Don't use the zoom, use your legs. 

Try different perspectives. 

Spend money on the lens, not the camera. 

Go on a photo walk with just one fixed lens.

Have depth, i.e. have something in the foreground. 

Look at the whole picture when you compose, i.e. take the background into consideration. 

Play with exposure and focus. 

Shoot in Raw, learn how to use programs like lightroom. 

Have fun.

Site redesign

Welcome to 2017 and my new designed photosite. It is quite interesting how technology has changed over the years. In the early 1990s I made my first website with hard html coding, employing a black and white laptop and a 14kbit modem. Then came Adobe's Dreamweaver and broadband, and it became easier to publish images. From about 2000 I used custom made Wordpress installations. And last year I discovered Koken and liked it, especially its' specialization towards photographers. Over the x-mas holidays of 2016 I finally found the time to properly set it up and in early 2017 I started filling it up with content. I hope you like it.

The site is best viewed on a large monitor, and Retina/4k displays should work beautifully. Thanks to its adaptive design, you can also view this site on mobile devices - though the images are best enjoyed large and in calm surroundings.

Do comment and criticize and feel free to share my work (non-commercially).

Enjoy. Both life and my images from this mesmerizing planet.